Personal Advisory Service | Career & Employment Advice for the UK and beyond

Career Advice for the UK and Global Markets

Deciding which career direction to take can be a bewildering process. A qualified Careers Advisor will be assigned to you to provide you with the best careers advice.

You will be asked to complete a personality test during an initial consultation and then meet with your career/ employment advisor on a further two occasions. Sessions last one hour. Additional sessions may be booked if required.

Cost: £375 + Cost of Personality Testing Procedure. Additional Sessions: £150 per hour.


To maximise your employment prospects, particularly with large multi-national companies, a dedicated Careers Coach is assigned to you. The coach will provide with the Employment Advice for UK jobs and jobs in other countries.

The Coach assists in identifying your goals, guides your choices and helps you build a strategy to make your aspirations become a reality. This is particularly helpful to candidates wishing to enter graduate training schemes or identify higher paid work opportunities.

Our career and employment advice coaches are experienced business executives and in addition to their guidance and advice can often use their contacts to open up employment opportunities.

A Counsellor will, in the first instance, interview applicants to help select the most appropriate Coach. This initial consultation is FREE OF CHARGE.

Cost: Coaching assignments begin at £1800 which provides for 4 two-hour sessions within a six month period.

Counselling for Employment Advice in UK

The move from life as a student to the world of work brings multiple challenges – financial, social, personal. Our employment advice counsellors in UK, including trained psychotherapists, are there to support you as you navigate these hurdles.

Cost: £150 per hour or 10 sessions for £1,250.