University & Graduate Jobs | Jobs for International Students in UK

Applicants may register for our Job Search Services independently of our other support services. We provide employment opportunities for university students, graduate jobs and jobs for international students in London and other parts of UK. Students looking for internship opportunities in UK and university jobs UK are welcome to contact us.

The Jobs Search Registration fee is £100 + VAT.

Documentation: Students will be expected to provide relevant certifications and references which may be independently verified by ASIS . Applicants whose documentation is found to be false will be removed from our Database without refund of the Registration Fees.

Job Alerts

Registered applicants will be advised regularly by email of potential employment openings of UK graduate jobs for recent graduates.

UK and Overseas Internship Opportunities

Applicants accessing our Careers Advisory and Coaching Services will be offered first refusal of internship opportunities sourced by ASIS. Internships in UK for international students is also another thing that we focus upon.

Job Search Services

Applicants attending our Seminar Series will have their CVs offered to potential UK graduate job employers, sourced by ASIS. Jobs for international students in London are also identified in our job search process.

Job Placement

Applicants in receipt of our Coaching Services will have their employment credentials positively presented to potential employers during the duration of the Coaching assignment. An ASIS consultant will work to secure interviews with potential employers and will liaise with the Coach to ensure proper preparation.

Please Note: Failure to attend an interview agreed to by the applicant, other than for extraordinary reasons, or any misrepresentation of candidate details, will result in the Candidate being immediately withdrawn from our Job Search Services.