Leadership Development for Graduates

ASIS Founder, David Boddy, created theTotal People Maintenance Programme for young graduates seeking to develop their leadership skills, initially in the manufacturing sector but later in the services sector too.

The programme has been used by leading UK and multi-national companies to prepare their future leaders. It is now available as a modular graduate development course covering 10 hours of intensive interactive learning in a classroom setting, followed by work experience and reporting back.

The programme is suitable for both graduates already in employment as well as graduates seeking their first leadership positions.

Module One: Understanding the person you are and the person you are leading.

Module Two: Caring for your Team

Module Three: Understanding Intent & Vision – getting the team to buy it

Module Four: Picking Up the Pieces – because it will go wrong!

Module Five: Communicating – Up & Down the Food-chain.

Courses are held over a week, with two-hour daily sessions held either in the mornings or evenings (See website for timings & details)

Cost: £750 for individuals booking on the course; discounts available for corporates where enough graduates are booked on the same course to create a bespoke company program.