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The ASIS Education Talent Panel

David Boddy is one of the UK’s leading educational writers and advocate of British-style schools. He is former Chairman of the UK Society of Head Teachers, and Headmaster of St James Senior School for Boys in London. He works with schools in the UK and internationally to improve holistic education, teaching standards and staff recruitment. He developed BUSSATs (The British University and Secondary Schools Achievement Tests), to assist schools in driving up standards to an internationally recognised level and to help place the right child in the right school.

An award-winning Cambridge University graduate, Victoria Davies Jones is author of two best-selling books on British boarding schools.  She has visited more than a hundred schools in the UK, Europe, India, China, Russia and the Middle East. She has also led career guidance programmes in many top-rated UK private and international schools.  Victoria works in partnership with schools and teachers worldwide to recruit outstanding members of staff. She offers a tailor-made service in order to meet and exceed the requirements of both client and candidate.

Keith Clark was Executive Director of the renowned schools group, United World Colleges, for 12 years. He oversaw the work of UWC national committees in 150 countries, managing 60,000 alumni. Prior to that he worked in the British university sector, managing communications, publications and student recruitment. He supports ASIS teams deliver school development and improvement projects, including managing staffing requirements.

For nine years, John Franklin was Headmaster of the prestigious 600-year-old Christ’s Hospital School, one of the UK’s top ten performing schools. He is also former inspector for the UK Independent Schools Inspectorate. John understands the staffing requirements for both UK and international schools. He specialises in working with senior leadership teams to recruit the best teachers, and to implement school improvement and implementation strategies.

Mark Eagers is the ASIS Senior Consultant specialising in Curriculum Development and Management. He is former Headmaster of Box Hill School in the UK, as well as Head of Cambridge Tutorial College, preparing youngsters for university entrance. As a Headmaster and Senior Examiner, he is experienced in both Cambridge and IB curriculum issues. He assists schools and teachers in adopting either or both curriculums to help prepare students for university entrance in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Paul Brewster has headed both UK and international schools for the past 18 years. He was the Founding Principal of the English International School in Prague, caring for children aged 2-18 years. Later he was Headmaster of the Beacon Preparatory School (3-13 years) and Repton Prep School, before becoming Chief Education Officer for Repton School International Division. He helps source the best teachers to work with junior-level students worldwide, to provide an holistic British-style education and improve academic performance.

Michael Dickson has a wealth of international experience spending most of his life overseas.

His role within senior management spans thirty years and includes being Headmaster of The Banda School, Nairobi and The Regent School, Nigeria. In the UK he taught at Clifton Hall Prep, Hillcrest Prep and was Deputy at Loretto Junior in Edinburgh. Michael understands the challenges and joys of working internationally, and operating in close partnership with schools, he excels at identifying and appointing appropriate members of staff.

Kathryn Bell was Headmistress of Burgess Hill, one of the UK’s top girls’ boarding schools. She was also the first female Head of Ackworth School in the UK. She was an active member of both the UK Society of Head Teachers and the Girls’ Schools Association. As well as academic rigour, Kathryn believes whole-heartedly in the holistic approach of British education and was Director of Co-Curricular Activities at Ardingly College. She specialises in appointing teachers with excellent credentials, who are also able to offer a wealth of talent to the school community at large.

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