About ASIS

Anglo Schools International Services Ltd (ASIS) is an educational services and support company which seeks to improve learning opportunities for young people in the United Kingdom and across the world.

Our team of highly experienced educationalists was established in 2013 by David Boddy, former Headmaster and Chairman of the UK Society of Heads. We are passionate about education, with its holistic approach and our aim is to make this available to students wherever they come from.

We provide an advisory service for students wishing to be educated in the UK, Ireland, the USA and other regions such as the Netherlands helping them access the best schools and universities. We also assist international students in the UK with all aspects of their educational journey and moving forward to post graduate studies, leadership skills, internship programs and job opportunities. We work overseas both to establish international schools and to help improve existing standards.

We believe that a student does not need to take this all important journey alone and we proudly provide support and guidance along the way – from school to university, through to internships and training and moving on to leadership development and ultimately, a successful career and bright future.