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Can you afford it? :    If you can afford the best private schools in India...                 Can you afford NOT to? :    ASIS scholarships can help you afford the best Boarding Schools in Britain.                 Did you know :    ASIS can now help Indian students wanting to study in the UK from High School into University                

Gateway to Great British Education

Anglo Schools International Services (ASIS) provides the gateway for bright Indian students to enter some of the world's best boarding schools in Britain and to achieve grades which will guarantee admission to elite universities in the UK.

Join us at one of our Federation boarding schools, renowned for their academic achievements and outstanding pastoral care.

We are also in partnership with the world's leading computer-based testing organisation, Pearson VUE who provide entry testing throughout India.

In the UK it can cost around £200 to register to take an entrance exam for each school you apply to. However ASIS have changed this. With one charge of £250 (less if you have a voucher) you can register for all the schools in the Federation at once and take a single examination.

ASIS has a scholarship programme for Indian students. Successful candidates who achieve top results in the entrance examinations can win significant financial assistance to help bring British education within the reach of families currently sending their children to boarding or leading day schools in India.

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"I aspired to study in one of the best schools in the world, and today because of ASIS I am living my dream."
Every student that ASIS has helped study in the UK says something like this to us.
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